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April 2011 - Version 3.6 released

2018-04-25 10:01:16
Version 3.6 introduces the requested single page PDF advice in the View single advice module. Also it fixes some specific Internet Explorer 7 shortcomings with Javascript objects. Finally a new layout for the toolbar has been implemented.

Version improvements

  • The View single advice module now offers two different PDF reports: a summary and a full report. Clicking the smaller PDF logo will create the newly introduced summary report, and the larger icon will generate a full report.
  • Internet Explorer 7 users have mentioned problems with their browser while using PROTIDE. These problems are related to shortcomings in the Internet Explorer 7 browser and have been solved.
  • The layout of the toolbar has been changed to be less obtrusive. The login screen can now be found behind the Log in option in the top right of the screen.