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December 2008 - New release refactored application and coupling to MATROOS

2018-04-25 10:01:16
The first step in the evolution from prototype to production (phase 3) is making consistent couplings with external sources and cleaning up the code. This resulted in a release in December 2008.

Coupling to MATROOS

Since the ideas on PROTIDE and testing the calculation method, the desire was to get a live feed from prediction data for the water level, water direction, water speed and swell heights. This is achieved in cooperation with HMCN and Deltares by an interface with the application MATROOS (hosted by Deltares). How PROTIDE checks MATROOS every 15 minutes for new data. The data is not complete yet (MATROOS should be extended), but the interface is in place.

Clean up the code

To get any software application from prototype to production a period of design and clean up is needed. We spent about a month of reviewing and refactoring the code to make sure the architecture was ready to be extended to an application with high availability.