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October 2008 - Third feedback cycle -> start phase 3

2018-04-25 10:01:16
In a feedback cycle with all the interested parties the current status of PROTIDE is presented. Here the parties decided to take the next step in the development of PROTIDE: from prototype to production.

From prototype to production

After the feasibility study with the future users in 2007 and the proof of concept op the calculation method in June 2008, the status was presented to the full group of interested parties. Here the plan was presented to make the final step from the prototypical phases 1 and 2 to a building a production application in phase 3. Both DVS (Ernst Bolt - Protide_kbg3.pps) and Charta Software (Karsten Uil - 2008-10-02 PROTIDE - klanbordgroep - start fase 3.pps) prepared a presentation. After a discussion, there was consensus to start phase 3.