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December 2009 - Version 2.1 released

2018-04-25 10:01:16
On Friday the 11th of December a new version (2.1) of PROTIDE was released. Next to a new 'look and feel' of the application, some serious changes have been made. Based on user requests and discussions on new and existing features, the application has been upgraded extensively.

A list of added or changed functionality:

Domain names

First of all, the domain name is not very user friendly. Two new domain names have been setup to reach the application: and

New look and feel

The 'viewport' of the application is now only limited by the width of the browser and is not fixed like before. Therefor it automatically resizes if users resize their internet browser. In most cases this offers a lot more space for tables and forms shown within PROTIDE.

There have also been some changes to the layout of the application like the new logo, banner and menu, for a more comfortable view.

Date selector

Filling in dates and times within PROTIDE forms and formfields according to the correct format was not self explanatory. A date selection box is added next to these fields to easily pick a date and fill in the field in the correct way. For now, the current time will be filled in, which can be adjusted by hand.

Reorganization of modules

All main website modules like 'Data', 'Requests', 'Tasks' etcetera show tabs at the top of the page for easy browsing between related modules. Also, some modules have been moved or removed in the menu structure.

Closing requests

A new module has been added to facilitate the closing of tidal window requests. Closing a request does not delete the request, but deactivates the request throughout the application, which results in not being shown in overviews and tables.

Manual predictions

Adding manual prediction data has been improved. The module shows a selection of manual data sources which can be adjusted manually. After selecting the data source and period, a graph will be shown displaying the available (non-manual) prediction data for that period. Next to the graph a table for adding/updating/removing data is shown.

Time / location diagram updated

The time / location diagram in the advice module now shows the bandwidth (start and end) of the tidal window advice, next to the suggested route.

Comparing advices

A new module has been added to be able to compare different advices for one specific tidal window request. A diagram will be shown displaying the combined tidal window advices.

Indicative advices

A new option has been added to judge a tidal window calculation indicatively. Next to 'approve' (definitely) and 'decline', one can now approve a calculation indicatively with 'approve indicatively'.