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April 2012 - Version 4.0 released

2018-04-25 10:01:16
Version 4.0 consists of a major upgrade of the Charta software platform and introduces elaborate checks on user input, improvements of the MATROOS interface, task parallelism, improved route calculation and reporting.
PROTIDE 4.0 consists of a major upgrade of the Charta software platform that introduces a new application look-and-feel, HTTPS support, a tag-based document management system, improved table controls and web-request performance improvements. Also PROTIDE functionality has been significantly improved:
  • Improved MATROOS data import to prevent import of out of range data
  • Interpolation of vertical motions along pre-calculated speed regimes
  • Range checks on (combinations of) tidal window request input that generate warnings to the operator
  • Task parallelism of time / location calculation and pre-processing of vertical motion calculations (vertical motion parallelisation de-activated until upgrade of OCTOPUS library)
  • Improvement of route calculation to maximize tidal window width
  • Report 95% percentile in bottom touch probability diagram
  • Only show channel profile in advice when the "Use channel bottom elevations" option is activated in a calculation
  • Improved roll/pitch diagram to show variation in movements (de-activated until approval)
  • Fixed reported bugs
  • Fixed memory leaks