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February 2015 - Version 5.3 released

2018-04-25 10:01:16
PROTIDE 5.3 introduces flexible speed regimes, introduces a transit-context oriented web interface, and adds a legend to each diagram on the website and in the PDF reports. PROTIDE 5.3 also allows to select 2D wave spectra correction settings per channel.

Flexible speed regimes

In a project for the Port of Rotterdam two steps have been made to allow for more flexibility with a ship's speed on a channel transit.

  • The time/location diagram now gives insight in the possibilities to vary ship speed during a channel transit without exceeding the safety criteria.
  • It is now possible to modify speed regimes for a specific transit request as long as no calculations have been submitted for this transit. Modifications only apply to the respective transit.

Flexible speed interval

A flexible speed interval is (optionally) configured per channel with a speed interval, for instance 5-12 knots. If configured, time/location diagrams will present a purple area as subset of the known blue area. The purple area indicates the time/location point where it is considered to safe to travel with any speed within the configured flexible speed interval. The blue are still indicates where it is considered safe to travel with the used speed regime. Both the purple and blue area are based on a 0.17% bottom touch probability cut off value. The overall bottom touch probability for a route still has to meet the 0.017% criterion.

Speed regime modification

It is now possible to modify a speed regime through the transit-context interface as long as no calculations have been submitted for the respective transit. The calculations module prevents starting a calculation if a speed regime is made invalid, which means no speed defined for a part of the channel or an overlapping speed interval for part of the channel. The tidal window advice reports now also show the speed regime details, such that it is clear which speeds have been considered for a tidal window calculation.

Transit-context web interface

All functionality regarding transit (i.e. tidal window requests) has been combined in the transits module, which contains three options.

  • Active
  • New
  • Archive

New and Archive direct to the web pages already present in the previous PROTIDE version for respectively adding a new request and getting overview of all submitted requests.

Active shows a table with active (i.e. non-closed) requests. Clicking on a row in the table directing to context environment for this transit with tabs for the various tasks that can be performed for the transit.

  • Details provides an overview of the submitted transit request.
  • Speed shows the available speed regimes for this transit. If no calculations have been submitted, then clicking on a speed regime also to modify the regime.
  • Calculation provides a list of all previously submitted calculations for the transit, and allows to add (i.e. start) a new calculation.
  • Result shows all calculated tidal window advices for the transit.
  • Compare result shows all non-declined advices for the transit in one overview.
  • Judge result shows all calculated advices pending judgment.
  • E-mail result allows to send advices to mailing lists.
  • Status provides a status information calculation and an activity log for the transit.
  • Close provides the option to archive (i.e. close) the transit, which adds closure date to the transit and removes the transit for the list of active transits.


Lines and areas in diagrams and now explained in an attached legend. The legend has been added to the web site and the PDF reports.

2D wave spectra correction settings

SWAN 2D wave spectra correction settings have been adjustable from the administrator part of the PROTIDE website. It is now possible to define settings per channel and to adjust value without the need to restart PROTIDE and/or to release a new patch.