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September 2014 - Version 5.2 released

2018-04-25 10:01:16
PROTIDE 5.2 contains improvements in tidal window calculation performance, communication with Matroos, tidal window advice PDF reports, visualization tidal window advices, displaying available analysis times per data source. PROTIDE 5.2 also combines vertical motion calculation methods based on respectively point (1D) spectra and 2D wave spectra into a single application.

Performance tidal window calculations

The calculation time for tidal window calculations has been reduced by approximately 50% (based on test calculations). This improvement has been achieved by
  • Parallelizing the tidal window calculation by dividing the calculation into independent calculation tasks per kilometer position, and joining the results upon completion of these individual tasks.
  • Improving memory usage.
Also progress information for pending tidal window calculations is refined, and tidal window calculations now apply a 0.25 knots standard deviation to the ship's speed.

Matroos communication

Communication with Matroos data servers has been improved and made more efficient by using analysis times where supported and reducing the amount of data requested from Matroos data servers.
  • If a Matroos source supports analysis times, then the analysis times that (may) contain data for a specific period are requested.
  • For each such analysis time (if any) now only data for the period not yet contained in the Protide database is requested.

Tidal window advice PDF reports

  • Comments/messages added to tidal window advices are now included in the PDF reports.
  • A new e-mail advices module is introduced to send an e-mail with one or more tidal window advices PDF reports to a selected mailing list.

Visualization tidal window advices

Time/location diagrams displaying tidal windows have been updated such that:
  • Only a reference route (green line) is shown for the advice tidal window (if existing).
  • The opening and closure times for non-advice tidal windows are displayed in a less bright color to stress the advice tidal window.

Available analysis times per data source

Information on Matroos data sources has been extended with the most recent analysis time available per data source. The dashboard displays the oldest and most recent analysis time over all data sources.

Vertical motion calculation method

PROTIDE 5.2 integrates tidal window calculations based on historical point (1D) wave spectra en predicted full 2D wave spectra into a single application.
  • The method based on historical (1D) wave spectra was already included in Protide 4.3.
  • The other method using predicted full 2D wave spectra (also known as Protide 5) was previously available in a test environment at
  • The calculation method(s) per channel are now defined through the calculation settings. If only rights for calculations based on 1D wave spectra are assigned then no calculation based on 2D wave spectra can made, and vice versa.