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Usage of predictions

2013-01-23 12:15:15
Interpolation between multiple (more than 2) location predictors and usage of water speed X / Y show an improved usage of available predictions.
As from PROTIDE 4.2 the way prediction sources are used is changed. The main changes are listed below.

Interpolation between location predictors

Data settings predictors are grouped per unit (water level, water speed, ...) and location (kilometer position) to form location predictors. These location predictors produce predictions while taking the data classification calculation order into account. Between each two location predictors, predictions are made by interpolating the result of the two closest available predictors. With this change it is possible to use multiple (more than 2) locations per channel and unit.
2013-01-21 Interpolation between location predictors.png
No extrapolation is used to predict values for times or locations outside the intervals available in the data settings.

Usage of water speed X / Y

Water speed and direction predictions are now also imported and used with the components Water speed X and Water speed Y. These are converted to the vector Water speed / Water direction when necessary in the calculation (cross current or course speed/direction).