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August 2009 - Start of user testing after feedback meeting

2018-04-25 10:01:16
After a presentation and demo to the the interest group around PROTIDE, a selected group of future users will start testing PROTIDE.

Presentation and demo

Tuesday August the 25th DVS (Ernst Bolt) and Charta Software (Take Roes and Karsten Uil) presented the current status of PROTIDE. The key message: PROTIDE is ready to be tested by a selected group of users. The following two presentations where given:

Next steps

PROTIDE has been tested by its developers and testers at Charta Software. Now it is time to get users acquainted to the model. Starting in the beginning of September Charta Software shall introduce a selected group of users to PROTIDE. Each organization (Port of Rotterdam, Port of Amsterdam, Loodswezen Amsterdam-IJmond, Loodswezen Rotterdam-Rijnmond and HMCN) shall propose two persons who will follow the introduction and start testing the application. The goal is to test PROTIDE thoroughly and get feedback of "what should change". The people who want to join this user group can register on this site a user (New user). Then please let us know by email () who you are and then we will grant you the necessary rights and contact you for the next steps.


If you have questions about PROTIDE, comments on its usage, bug reports or feature requests, please post them on the support article. Registered users can post messages there, so please register here if you have not registered yet.