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Oktober 2013 - Version 4.3 released

2018-04-25 10:01:16
PROTIDE 4.3 consists of an update of the Charta Web platform, advice report file name, nomenclature of the advice/reference route, insight in calculation progress, calculation horizon, roll/pitch angle diagram and the possibility to comment on or discuss about tidal window advices.

Update Charta Web platform

PROTIDE is based on the Charta (Web) platform, which is updated to the latest version. This version added:
  • Improved application layout
  • Extended error processing / logging
  • A new toolbar to log in, switch languages, time zone, display mode and activate the new Maximize function.
  • Dashboard update to scroll and added new insights in the status of data collecting, current requests and calculations.
  • Linking: every table row is clickable to view / edit the individual data (if authorized), also a link icon in a table cell gives the option to view / edit the data referenced from within the cell. Finally drop downs to references to other data now contain a "Manage" option to edit the referenced data.

Advice report file name

When a tidal window advice is exported as a PDF file, the file name is improved to reflect the actual advice / ship / calculation. An example: Advice 7478 - OCEANIS - Outbound - Fast (Euro-Maasgeul).pdf.

Advice/reference route nomenclature

Each time location diagram with a valid tidal window contains a green route. This route is used for the UKC, bottom touch probability, route statistics and roll/pitch diagram reporting. Throughout the application this route is now referred to by "Reference route" (instead of advice route).

Calculation progress

A tidal window calculation passes through several phases. To give insight in the calculation progress two new columns are added to the status monitor (in the Tasks module). The following phases are shown:
  • in queue: the calculation is scheduled and in queued to be calculated
  • assigned: a free calculation process has been assigned to start the calculation
  • initializing data: the calculation progress is initialized (settings, forecasts and ship/channel information is loaded)
  • building vertical motion index: the wave forecasts are used to find the possible the possible ship responses and ship motion characteristics are made available to following calculation steps.
  • calculating tidal windows: the time location diagram with safe time intervals plus the route calculation is performed.
  • finalizing: statistics are calculated and the results are written to the database
  • calculated: the calculation is finished

Calculation horizon

When starting a calculation it is now possible to set the time interval that is to be analyzed. This horizon defines the period for which the tidal windows are being calculated. The default setting is 24 hours, and can be limited to speed up calculations for a final calculation (for example 8 to 12 hours with one high tide) or extended (maximum is 48 hours) to find all possible tidal windows to investigate several possibilities.

Roll / Pitch diagram

The statistical representation of the roll and pitch angles is changed from the 15 minutes MPE to the significant double amplitude (4 x square root of the 0th spectral moment).

Comments / discussion with advices

The tidal window advices now have an extra tab "Conversation". This is a forum-like page, where message threads can be created to add comments to or discuss about the advice at hand. A number indication between brackets in the tab title (example Conversation (1)), shows the number of messages in the conversation. A planned improvement (not implemented yet) is to add the messages to the PDF report.