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November 2010 - Version 3.2.0 released

2018-04-25 10:01:16

Version 3.2.0 implements the Hm0 wave height source into the PROTIDE prediction data set and calculations. The Hm0 source is added in order to solve a problem within PROTIDE where relatively small ships in calm weather conditions, experience too much vertical motion.

The main focus of release 3.2.0 is to solve a recent problem within PROTIDE. Multiple tidal window requests for relatively small ships in calm weather conditions have been calculated without any or few routes found. In depth research of the problem has shown that the HE10 swell data used in the calculation was not the right prediction source for every circumstance. Adding Hm0 wave height data as an additional source improves the modelling of wave behaviour and should even out any incorrect extreme vertical behavior ships.