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August 2010 - Version 3.0.0 released

2018-04-25 10:01:16
On the 27th of August version 3.0.0 of PROTIDE is released. Offering a wide range of new functionality, fixing known issues and improving user experience, this new version is live and ready to use.

The following improvements and changes have been implemented in version 3.0.0:

Functional changes

  • Outgoing tidal window requests: When entering a new tidal window request, it is now possible to select 'inbound' or 'outbound', which enables calculation of outbound tidal windows.
  • Local time and UTC: In the toolbar at the top of the screen the preferred time zone can be chosen. Time zone 'Amsterdam' is the default, putting the entire application in local time. However, one can easily switch between time zones. Note: all times, including the time in the advices will change.
  • Manual edits expected data: Any edits of the expected waterlevel or cross current data for Amsterdam, can now be performed through the diagram. The diagram now has an edit mode, which enables 'clicking' new data points into the diagram.
  • Rules 22 and 22 + -: Various calculation settings are now dependent on draft, making it possible to apply various rules for different drafts. For example: the Euro-Maas channel UKC rules are different for ships with a draft of 22+ meters and the cross current only is applied for ships deeper than 22 meters.
  • Channel bottom elevations time dependancy: It is now possible to add a time period to a channel bottom elevation, which will be used in PROTIDE calculations. Also a channel layout diagram is added to the advice showing any relevant elevations. Settings > Channel Information > Channel layout shows this data as well.
  • Information points along the route: Important kilometer positions within the channel can now be characterized as "significant positions" (Settings > Channel Information > Significant positions). These positions are shown in the final advice.
  • Feedback input operations: After various operations, the application now shows useful feedback, such as after entering a new request, or starting a calculation.
  • Cross current as a separate data source: PROTIDE can now handle specific cross current data sources like the water velocity source from MATROOS. In addition, the combination of water speed and water direction can be used for the cross current. Based on data classification, the two different sources can be used alternately (staggered) as data sources in PROTIDE.
  • Earliest route start time: When starting a calculation the 'fixed route start time' is changed into 'earliest route start time', which calculates the first possible route start time from the time entered. If it is not used, the 'Requested time of departure' is used.
  • Rights on advices: Authorization of advices has been improved. All users, except the providers, can only view approved advices (indicative or definitive). Providers can still view rejected and tentative advices.
  • Reopen and close requests from the archive: Via the edit mode of the tidal window request archive (Requests > Request archive) it is now possible to edit the closing date of a tidal window request by filling in or removing it. This activates or deactivates the tidal window request.

User Interface

  • Date / Time: Date / Time input fields are abbreviated, so seconds are no longer shown. In addition, the fields have a fixed width, which makes them easier to fill in. The calendar next to the fields has been updated and is more user friendly, for example, it indicates the current day.
  • Abbreviation of terms: Various (ship-) terms have been abbreviated where necessary, so that overviews are clearer and use less space.
  • Overall improvement diagrams: All diagrams are checked and where necessary, useful information is added, such as dates and unit information on the diagram axes. In addition, more information is displayed when the diagram is clicked, or when the mouse is moved over the graph with the Control / CTRL key pressed.
  • Selecting the edit mode: The selection triangle which enables the edit mode of diagrams or tables is now placed on the left. This makes the selector appear in the same place for each object.
  • Form layout: The online forms for adding or modifying data are clarified.
  • Highlighting input: Input fields are now marked with a yellow border when they are active.
  • Article and support forum layout: The layout of the articles and the support forum has an improved readability.


  • Speed regimes over ground: Speeds are now interpreted as 'over ground' rather than 'through the water'.


  • More calculations: PROTIDE can now perform 4 calculations simultaneously instead of 2, doubling the calculation capacity.
  • Stability calculations queue: If problems occur while performing a specific calculation, PROTIDE uses improved exception handling and continues with the following calculation in the queue.
  • MATROOS poller stability: The stability of the MATROOS poller that retrieves all data from the MATROOS databases has an improved error handling, making it more resistant to connection problems and faulty responses from MATROOS.

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