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December 2015 - Version 5.5 released

2018-04-25 10:01:16
PROTIDE 5.5 contains improvements to the work process support introduced in version 5.4, the estimation and validation of ship parameters and advices module. PROTIDE 5.5 also allows to configure speed regimes with a uniformly distributed spread around the target speed. Finally, PROTIDE 5.5 fixes an issue around applying cross current restrictions in a specific case.

Improvements to work process integration

In PROTIDE 5.4 support for managing the work process around transits was introduced. In PROTIDE 5.5 adds multiple improvements to the work process. These improvements were agreed upon with the involved parties in November 2015.

  • Subject of notification emails is updated with ship name, berth, requested time of departure and transit direction.
  • The default value for the flag "Use channel bottom elevations" get based on the existance of applicable bottom elevations.
  • Changes to the management of itineraries. See the paragraph on itineraries below for further details.
  • Allowing agents to update the requested time of departure for transits submitted themselves.
  • Improvement of ship parameters estimation and validation.
  • Possibility to make a selection in the e-mail addresses to which PDF reports will be sent.

Itineraries and the requested time of departure

An itinerary for a transit consists of a time of departure and a speed regime. In a time/location diagram the applied itinerary is denoted by the green line. Using the itinerary module found under the results tab, the itinerary can be set to alternatively start time where only the statistics for the route are re-calculated. Depending on user rights, updating the itinerary is allowed between different tidal window or limited to the active tidal window.

PROTIDE 5.5 adds the following functionality:

  • Upon updating the itinerary via the itinerary module, the respective itinerary can be set as active itinerary for transit.
  • Calculations performed afterwards take the time of departure of such an active itinerary into account, and will align their itinerary (if possible within the calculated tidal windows). This allows for instance to set an itinerary based on indicative calculation, and have same itinerary applied (if the conditions allow) to a later definitive calculation without any further work required.

The route calculator will attempt to determine the green line in the time/location diagram based on if available the transit itinerary's time of departure, and otherwise the requested time of departure. If not possible within the calculated tidal windows, then it attempts to find a route at a later moment. If still not possible and as final option, it attempts to find a route at an earlier moment.

Uniformly distributed speed regimes

Speed regimes can now be configured with either a normally distributed or a uniformly distributed spread around the target speed(s).

  • The speed regimes known from previous PROTIDE versions have a normally distributed spread.
  • A speed regime with a uniformly distributed spread can for instance have 10kn target speed and a +/- 1kn spread. This means that each speed in the range 9-11kn is equally likely when sampling a speed.

Changes to transit result tab.

The method for drawing the diagrams on the results tab has been updated, such that the diagrams look smoother and loading the results tab is faster.