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Ship database

2013-01-23 14:01:18
A ship database is available and filled via imports from the harbors Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

In the new tidal window request form, it is possible to select a ship from the available ships in PROTIDE. We call this the ship database. In PROTIDE 4.2 this database is initialized with channel bound ships that previously visited the harbors of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Per ship entry the source is noted in a comment field.

Each ship in the database has a status. This status can be "Active", "Temporary" or "Inactive". All imported or approved entries have the status "Active". Newly added ships will get the status "Temporary", which can be checked and updated by the operators. If an entry is not supposed to be used, it gets the status "Inactive". Only ships with the "Active" or "Temporary" statuses can be used in tidal window requests and calculations.

A new "Settings->Ship information" menu gives access to the ship database. Here the current entries can be searched and updated.