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2018-04-25 10:31:57
Nieuwsberichten van PROTIDE projectvoortgang en releases
PROTIDE 5.6 provides support for managing large (growing) database tables such as imported (Matroos) data, (intermediate) calculation results and sent emails. PROTIDE 5.6 also supports PostgreSQL (version 9.5.0), significantly reduces calculation time and implements fixes for several security vulnerabilities.
PROTIDE 5.5 contains improvements to the work process support introduced in version 5.4, the estimation and validation of ship parameters and advices module. PROTIDE 5.5 also allows to configure speed regimes with a uniformly distributed spread around the target speed. Finally, PROTIDE 5.5 fixes an issue around applying cross current restrictions in a specific case.
Changes in version 5.4 includes integrating the work process around requesting a tidal window into PROTIDE, performing a check on calculation conditions when definitely approving a result, swell and wave diagrams based on used 2D wave spectra and multiple improvements to the transit-context interface introduces in the previous release. Version 5.4. also introduces itineraries, improves data polling/processing and adds support for the latest Amarcon DLL and the latest version of the 2D wave spectra correction algorithm.
PROTIDE 5.3 introduces flexible speed regimes, introduces a transit-context oriented web interface, and adds a legend to each diagram on the website and in the PDF reports. PROTIDE 5.3 also allows to select 2D wave spectra correction settings per channel.
PROTIDE 5.2 contains improvements in tidal window calculation performance, communication with Matroos, tidal window advice PDF reports, visualization tidal window advices, displaying available analysis times per data source. PROTIDE 5.2 also combines vertical motion calculation methods based on respectively point (1D) spectra and 2D wave spectra into a single application.
PROTIDE 4.3 consists of an update of the Charta Web platform, advice report file name, nomenclature of the advice/reference route, insight in calculation progress, calculation horizon, roll/pitch angle diagram and the possibility to comment on or discuss about tidal window advices.
PROTIDE 4.2 is the main release of the developments in 2012. It consist of improvements in used predictions, user interface, harbor configuration options, ship database management, ship motion calculation, performance, tidal window calculation, error reporting, calculation reporting and data source connections.
Version 4.1 introduces usage of the empirical distribution, the usage of the internal ship database and presents roll/pitch statistics.
Version 4.0 consists of a major upgrade of the Charta software platform and introduces elaborate checks on user input, improvements of the MATROOS interface, task parallelism, improved route calculation and reporting.
Version 3.6 introduces the requested single page PDF advice in the View single advice module. Also it fixes some specific Internet Explorer 7 shortcomings with Javascript objects. Finally a new layout for the toolbar has been implemented.
Version 3.5.0 offers the implementation of channel specific wave spectra data and the extension of current Euro-Maas geul wave data. Furthermore, interpolation between h/T ratios has been added for better results
Version 3.4.0 offers some major changes to the Advices modules, like calculating various probabilities by default, adding transparancy to overlay multiple Time Location diagrams, and improving route calculation. A regression test suite is added and various interface changes have been made.
Version 3.3.0 is an extra release to mainly add reproducibility and historical prediction information to the application.

Version 3.2.0 implements the Hm0 wave height source into the PROTIDE prediction data set and calculations. The Hm0 source is added in order to solve a problem within PROTIDE where relatively small ships in calm weather conditions, experience too much vertical motion.

On the 27th of August version 3.0.0 of PROTIDE is released. Offering a wide range of new functionality, fixing known issues and improving user experience, this new version is live and ready to use.
PROTIDE version 2.1.9 is released at the end of May / beginning of June 2010. This release concerns updates on the user interface, functional changes, optimization of the calculation method and performance increase of the application.
The standard deviations for the water level predictions are reduced to the absolute average prediction error plus the historical standard deviation of predictions.
On Friday the 11th of December a new version (2.1) of PROTIDE was released. Next to a new 'look and feel' of the application, some serious changes have been made. Based on user requests and discussions on new and existing features, the application has been upgraded extensively.
After a presentation and demo to the the interest group around PROTIDE, a selected group of future users will start testing PROTIDE.
The first fully functional release of PROTIDE is active.
The first step in the evolution from prototype to production (phase 3) is making consistent couplings with external sources and cleaning up the code. This resulted in a release in December 2008.
In a feedback cycle with all the interested parties the current status of PROTIDE is presented. Here the parties decided to take the next step in the development of PROTIDE: from prototype to production.
The current release of PROTIDE suites as a proof of concept of the chosen calculation method. Hence it closes phase 2 of the development of PROTIDE.
Between November 2007 and February 2008 the first calculation method for PROTIDE is developed. It is released in a prototype version via
HMCN (Hydro Meteo Centrum Noordzee) deliverd a set of data that can be used to develop the calculation method of PROTIDE.
The first phase of the development of PROTIDE is closed. This study was a user oriented approach with interested parties, users, data providers, pilots and port authorities.
The first ideas for PROTIDE are presented to the user group.